Real Time Weather Desktop Display (Windows 2000)

This Display fits on to the desktop and gives 3 repeating weather views. The views are IFR/VFR Visibility, National Radar, and National Satellite with Cloud tops. They show for 30 seconds each. There are also links on the screen to get more detailed weather. This is a Beta Test so feedback would be appreciated at

Instructions for installations

  1. Select 'Start'

  2. Select 'Control Panel'

  3. Select 'Display'

  4. Select 'Desktop' on the Tabs on Top of that window

  5. Select 'Customize Desktop' at the bottom of that window

  6. Select 'Web' on the Tabs on the Top of that window

  7. Select 'New'

  8. In 'Location' type in

  9. Select 'OK'

  10. When "Add item to Active Desktop" comes up, select 'OK'

  11. Select 'OK' on Desktop Items

  12. Select 'OK' on Display Properties

  13. Drag corner of screen on desktop to fit.