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Here are links to information on vaccinations and health centers

In the News Latest information from the CDC

Travelers' Health Health information on specific destinations. What to know before you go.

Health Topics A-Z Health Topics A to Z provides a listing of disease and health topics found on the CDC Web site. It is not yet a complete index of the site. New topics are added on an ongoing basis.

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Overview Overview of medical safety issues

Diseases Disease information, vaccinations, Travel Medical Kits

Our Mission

Our mission to disseminate information between the users and designers of aviation systems for the purpose of improving the safety and efficiency of the air transportation industry. By doing so, our site hopes to allow the two groups a way to communicate and design a better and safer aviation system. As an added benefit, designers will be able to get operational input so as to create aviation equipment and procedures that require less re-engineering for unforeseen problems. This means  less assets wasted and more and safer aviation systems.

To do so, we use the power of the internet and its unique tools. First are the links to needed information found on the web. These include Aviation Regulations from around the world, aviation medical information, help forms for aviation safety documentation, and other needed information.

There are also discussion groups and e-mail notification of government warnings through our sister site, Aero Information Magazine . The Discussion groups cover safety issues which are current hot topics. This site also allows for visitors to supply their e-mail addresses to obtain NASA, NTSB and FAA Safety Warnings.

We hope you enjoy the site and find its information useful. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us.


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